Tribu Bench – Coffee



Inspired by old tribal sculptures, the TRIBU collection is made of a fiber concrete base with a soft upholstered cushion on top. Characterized by a surface of architectural concrete lamellas, TRIBU emphasizes the fine balance between sharp architectural lines and a somewhat softer curve of the upholstery seat. Combine several TRIBU Lounge Chairs to create a sofa lounge seating. Each TRIBU Lounge Chair includes two mounting brackets, which can be mounted underneath each leg and easily tightened with a screw.The TRIBU Collection comprises a chair, bench, and stool cast in lightweight fiber concrete for increased mobility. The product is hand painted to create a unique surface texture with delicate colour variations.Each product is complemented by a soft cushion, meticulously upholstered for added comfort. The Tribu lounge chair features a cushion crafted in Taupe-colored Sunproof fabric, which is an optimal choice for both indoor and outdoor environments. This particular fabric boasts high resistance to stains, water, and sunlight, ensuring that maintenance is effortless, and the appearance remains fresh. Additionally, the cushions for the bench and stool are beautifully finished in an elegant off-white linen, enhancing their aesthetic appeal. Designed by Kristian Sofus Hansen & Tommy Hyldahl.For indoor use. 

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